I saw Jason Silva on Q&A one night and was impressed by his enthusiasm for technology and the promise for the future that technology holds.

I’m not certain I agree with his premise that we are the gods now when you see how screwed up some aspects of the world are but we are masters of technology.

The world IS a good place. We’re much less likely to die through an act of violence now than at any time in the world’s history. Despite the hysterical alarmism surrounding climate change, we’re not in imminent danger. If it becomes a problem, we have technology to help us handle it. Unfortunately, Jason does have a CO2 phobia but his message on tech is great.

Have a listen to his talk. I think it will enthuse you about the possibilities for the future instead of the constant negative messages. Having read what I’ve written, it might sound a bit evangelical; it’s not meant to be. It’s just refreshing to see enthusiasm for the future.

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