The End Of The Smartphone Era Is Coming – Business Insider

The End Of The Smartphone Era Is Coming – Business Insider.

The glasses that Microsoft is working on look a lot less “obvious” than the Google Glass ones. And I think the way Microsoft is displaying the data is much better as well.

Google Glass actually uses a tiny screen whereas Microsoft are laying the data on the glasses lenses as “augmented reality”.

What an exciting time. Self driving cars, rollup screens and tablets, augmented reality glasses…. what’s next?

How do you feel about the technology rolling through? Good or bad?


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5 Eye Opening Stats That Show The World Is Going Mobile

Mobiles are here to stay

The world is definitely going mobile

It’s obvious that the world has changed forever with the explosion in mobile devices; not only phones but also with tablets and e-readers.


This article is well worth reading. It relates to American stats but if anything, the figures here in Australia are even more eye opening.

1) Nearly half of all American kids want an iPad for Christmas…. Durrrr… A quick look shows that almost half of Aussie mums want an iPad for Christmas.

2) Globally, mobile traffic represents roughly 13% of Internet traffic. Three years ago, that figure was 1%. In Australia, we are the 4th best in the world for 3g penetration (76%). The only countries with better penetration than us are Japan (95%), South Korea (85%) and surprisingly Portugal (78%).

3) Nearly 1/3 of American adults own a tablet or e-reader. In Australia, that figure is already at 38% and an amazing 76% have smartphones.

4)There are now 5 billion mobile phone users in the world but “only” 1 billion smartphone users. Smartphone users are growing at the rate of 42% year on year, globally. Watch out for India to disrupt the mobile world in the next 3 years or so. They already have 44 million smartphone users but that represents only 4% of their market.

5) Android is growing faster than anything. It is growing at 6 times the rate of the iPhone and 3 times the rate of the iPad.

The full report is available here and I think it makes for fascinating reading.

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Remember getting a 56k modem?

My first modem was 2.4kbps. When the 14.4 k modems came out, they were so expensive, I had to sell one of my children for scientific experiments so I could buy one.

When I finally got my hands on a 56k modem, it was like Christmas. We had an ISP business way back then called Hotkey Internet and the arrival of 56k meant we had to upgrade a lot of our equipment.

You have to feel for the poor kid in the commercial below. How embarrassing… only having a 28.8 modem at home!!!!!


The good ol' days

The good ol’ days


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The Premium Suite Upgrade for GALAXY S III, Part 1

There is a Premium Suite upgrade coming for the Galaxy S3. Some of the features sound very enticing. Multi Windows, contextual actions (plug in your earphones and the music player opens). I wonder how long Telstra will take to roll it out in AUS?

Apple need to lift their game. So much hype about the iPhone 5 but really a bit disappointing when it arrives. Now there’s already talk of an iPhone 5s or even iPhone 6. Will the loyal Apple following keep stumping up the cash?

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Is Microsoft On The Verge Of A Sudden Collapse Or Just A Long, Slow Decline?

Is Microsoft On The Verge Of A Sudden Collapse Or Just A Long, Slow Decline?

Interesting article. I’m not sure I agree with it entirely. Microsoft is a HUGE gorilla but the theory proposed (illustrated below) is that once the cards start to fall, they fall quickly. Related to Catastrophe Theory if you want to look it up.

What do you think?

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I saw Jason Silva on Q&A one night and was impressed by his enthusiasm for technology and the promise for the future that technology holds.

I’m not certain I agree with his premise that we are the gods now when you see how screwed up some aspects of the world are but we are masters of technology.

The world IS a good place. We’re much less likely to die through an act of violence now than at any time in the world’s history. Despite the hysterical alarmism surrounding climate change, we’re not in imminent danger. If it becomes a problem, we have technology to help us handle it. Unfortunately, Jason does have a CO2 phobia but his message on tech is great.

Have a listen to his talk. I think it will enthuse you about the possibilities for the future instead of the constant negative messages. Having read what I’ve written, it might sound a bit evangelical; it’s not meant to be. It’s just refreshing to see enthusiasm for the future.

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Corporate Attacks Hint Of A Coming ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’

Hackers have already unleashed World War III in World of Warcraft, killing the avatars of thousands of innocent gamers. Is the real world next?

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta thinks so. In a speech Thursday night he declared that the?United States is at risk of a “cyber Pearl Harbor”

Corporate Attacks Hint Of A Coming ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’

This reliance the world has on computers to run everything from the electricity supply to dams and airports, means we have to try and stay ahead of the hackers. The worst part is that many of these attacks appear to be co-ordinated by countries like China

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